Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Level II DUI Education and Treatment:

Take care of your drug & alcohol treatment and court ordered recommendations in the best atmosphere possible. We offer a program that is not only state structured and licensed but personalized and unique. We take the extra time to establish a curriculum base on your personal situation while simultaneously making sure that you receive the state required information. Life is complex; we have a wide range of specialized therapists that can understand and assist in helping you achieve the goals you desire. We offer friendly, efficient, personalized, and thorough treatment.


Level II 4+ DUI Treatment:

This program is for individuals who have received four or more DUIs and are court ordered to attend this program.


Interlock Enhancement Counseling (IEC):

The program may be used in conjunction with Education and Treatment for Tracks B-F. IEC may be counted toward additional therapy hours required, if clinically appropriate. The primary goals of IEC are to reduce the number of failed starts due to alcohol ingestion, reduce and eliminate driving non-interlock equipped vehicles and prevent DUI recidivism once the interlock is removed.


MIP (Minor in Possession) Treatment:

This program is for minors age 16-20 who have received one or more MIPs.


DOT – SAP Evaluations

Saul Tompkins, Ph.D., CACIII is a DOT/SAP approved evaluator. A Substance Abuse Professional may conduct evaluations for individuals that test positive following a pre-employment drug rest, random drug test or post-accident drug test.

Hands taking pills next to a drink and cigarettes for Alpha Center Drug & Alcohol Treatment